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School Improvement Plan


Chickamauga City Schools
Gordon Lee Middle School Strategic Plan 2023-2024


Goal 1: Increase the percentage of students at level 3 and 4 in ELA, math, science, and social studies by 3% as measured by the Georgia Milestones Assessment in 2024.
                Action Steps:

  1. Use formative assessments to assess student readiness and mastery.
  2. Provide as many advanced/high school classes as needed.
  3. Use the Georgia Frameworks and standards as guide for planning rigorous lessons.
  4. Remediate through tutoring before/after school.
  5. Implement current lessons and assessments to create increased depth of knowledge.
  6. Provide study skills classes for remediation and enrichment with an emphasis on areas of need.
  7. Provide gifted classes to meet the individual needs of each student and enrichment.
  8. Provide technology to help meet the needs of all students.
  9. Utilize system wide lesson plan format/information.


Goal 2: By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, all teachers and leaders will participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC).
                Action Steps:

  1. Participate in teacher-driven professional learning communities (PLC).
  2. Participate in peer observations.
  3. Participate in vertical planning.
  4. Participate in MAP growth and data training.


Goal 3: Improve communication and strengthen school, family, and community partnerships.
                Action Steps:

  1. Use a variety of means (i.e. Facebook, email blasts, School Messenger, Remind 101, etc.) to convey academic, school activities, and other important announcements to parents.
  2. Provide student progress and performance information to parents regularly through Infinite Campus and direct contacts (i.e. “good calls”).
  3. Provide information and relevant instruction to parents regarding applicable and timely topics.
  4. School council meetings


Goal 4: Promote a positive and safe school climate conducive to learning in order to educate the whole child and ensure all students achieve academic success.
                Action Steps:

  1. Implement relationship-building strategies (i.e. Capturing Kids Hearts program)
  2. Continue teacher-as-advisor program (WIN/CHAMPS/Advisement) with lessons and on-on-one consultants.
  3. Continue Renaissance program, Star Student, Good Things, etc. to recognize and celebrate student success.
  4. Offer students extra-curricular opportunities that develop personal interests and/or leadership skills.
  5. Review and update the Emergency Preparedness Plan as needed.
  6. Provide annual training for teachers in relevant areas (i.e. Suicide Awareness, Mandated Reporting, Mental Health, etc.)
  7. Implement a monthly club period to provide all students with opportunities to develop personal interests.